Viable Charitable Association

- Életrevaló Egyesület Budapest

What we do

We hold Self-Knowledge Film Workshops in child protection institutions, helping children develop self-knowledge, self-confidence and creative work. There are drama teachers and mental health professionals, actors, a slammer champion, a movement culture development specialist and a team of young filmmakers to help these kids, who have already won several awards with their films.


We work with the Northern Support Association and the Knowledge Power Group.

About Self-Knowledge Film Workshop

The Self-Knowledge Film Workshop is a joint program of two non-governmental organizations in Budapest; the Viable Association and the Northern Support Association. They provide sessions for young people living in child protection institutions, temporary home for families, and foster homes. With the help of professional actors, they make videos to draw attention to vulnerable children.


Self-Knowledge Film Workshop aims to show the experience of teamwork through filming: “Young people experience success through the project and can create value that others recognize. Most young people want to be in a movie. The opportunity we offer entices and dynamizes them. Their self-knowledge will develop, they will have goals, they will become more conscious, and they will start believing in themselves. ”

Most recent Awards


·      Award of the Short Film Factory in Bucharest for the film At The Crossroads.

·      The jury of the Short to the Point Film Festival in Romania awarded Cristopher Pászik the prize for Best Male Lead in the movie At The Crossroads.

·      65th National Independent Film Festival: The Independent Film and Video Association and the National Film Institute gave an award for excellent acting leadership to director Flóra Chilton.

·      Seven Hills Film Festival: At The Crossroads won the Best Short Film Award.

·      At The Crossroads won first place in the short film category at the Ars Sacra Film Festival.

·      Bujtor István Film Festival: the film entitled At The Crossroads received a diploma. Director Attila Janisch, chairman of the jury, emphasized in his explanation that they wanted to recognize the sensitive presentation of hard-fought, criminalized young people and their talented, high-quality collaboration with children.



Your 1% (Hungarian) Personal Income Tax matters a lot! With your help, we can create new Self-Knowledge Film Workshop groups for children in need. Please offer 1% of your tax to our Association!


Our tax number: 18683758-1-42


About our Association

Viable Charitable Association got established in 1999 to provide assistance and drug prevention activities to mentally, socially or otherwise endangered children and young people and families living in Budapest.


By choosing the name, we wanted to express that young people and kids, who are on the periphery of society and in a difficult life situation, are also vital; we cannot give up on them.


Contact Us

Viable Charitable Association - Életrevaló Karitatív Egyesület

Address: 1101 Budapest, Vaskő u. 1. III. lépcsőház fszt.14.


Phone: +36 70 3891535

Tax number: 18683758-1-42


Chairwoman: Malasits-Földi Bernadett 

Professional Leader, Founder: Preszl Éva

Board Members: Kormos Dorka, Schöff Ildikó


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